19 janeiro 2012

Projeto "Picturing The Soul"

Em fevereiro de 2012 a Súbita Companhia partcipará de um projeto multi disciplinar chamado "Picturing the Soul" que acontecerá em Dublin - Irlanda. O projeto contará com a participação de diversos artistas internacionais de várias artes e será apresentado nos dias 18 e 19/02 em Dublin.
 Picturing the Soul is a multi-disciplinary performance and exhibition artistically exploring the concept of the soul.
What is the soul? How can we glimpse the invisible, make tangible the intangible, artistically express the essence of what it is to be alive?
A festival of dancers, aerialists, visual artists, filmmakers, theatre practitioners, video artists and musicians have risen to this challenge, responding to the concept of the soul by creating an original piece of work specifically for this event.
This unique audience experience includes an exhibition and performance, interactive installations and a feast for the senses.
Everyone can get involved in the online part of the project by sending us a short video or photograph of their own representation of the soul. This material will be posted online over the coming weeks.

Detalhes do Evento:
Local: The Back Loft, 9 – 11 St Augustine Street, Dublin 8 (off Thomas Street)
Sábado 18th &Domingo 19th February 2012 as 20h
Tickets: €10
Contato floatingworldtheatre@gmail.com